Must-Have Cloffice Space And Ideas

The fun term “cloffice” refers to a closet that doubles as an office space! It can be a walk-in closet or a small reach-in closet. To keep some of the not so pretty items stored we used pretty boxes and files, while adding a bit of decor to the cloffice. Now of course, you could purchase a desk that will fit your closet or nook area, however I like the idea of it being more of a built-in feature. Julia Dzafic of Lemon Stripes designed a cloffice with preppy, coastal flair. If you’ve been looking for ways to add an office to your home but are low on space, here are tips and ideas for you to create your own cloffice.

What is a Cloffice

Many people working from home spend several hours at their desks every day. So, it’s important to keep the closet office comfortable. This way, you can reduce the chances of developing pains. This sleek cloffice, tucked away in an unused nook, combines Danish designer Kristina’s love of fashion with a functional work-from-home space. White and wooden accents offer a minimalist look, while leaving lots of storage space. Depending on the size of your cloffice, a small traditional desk—or a space-saving, wall-mounted, floating desk shelf with fold-down section—can be good options. Small computer workstations also work well in cloffices.

Walk-in cloffice

Think back to when you were deciding how you’d use your space and list what you need to make it the most productive. Anyssa Roberts is a tiny house expert and writer with 10 years’ experience covering tiny house living and other lifestyle topics. She was also an award-winning features reporter for USA Today Network, winning the Tennessee Press Association’s Best Single Feature and Second Place Winner, Feature News in 2017. Anyssa convert closet to office has also written for personal finance and budget personality, Dave Ramsey. Your cloffice, while being a workspace, is also your personal space where you spend at least eight hours a day. There is no reason to keep your cloffice extremely professional or too clean in appearance. As long as you have several sources of light, you can turn off the ones you don’t need at the moment and create an ideal ambience in your home office.

What is a Cloffice

That will help you determine what exactly you need to put in it, said Andrea Vowels, a kindergarten teacher and home decor enthusiast with a large Instagram following. (Clever, huh?) And there are lots of benefits to having one in your home. With so many working from home now and for the foreseeable future, people have been getting creative with their work spaces.

Get a swivel chair to fit under the desktop

Because it’s a nook in a closet; this is the perfect opportunity to go a little wild. Feel free to peruse the photos at the bottom to see the before. In addition, having the desk area in your closet frees up A LOT of space . True to my style, I kept my closet office classy and somewhat minimal. One very important element you want to add to your cloffice it lighting.

Jessica received a Bachelor of Science degree in journalism and mass communication from Iowa State University. She also completed a secondary major in French language studies. Prior to graduation, she was inducted into the Kappa Tau Alpha honor society, which recognizes academic excellence in the field of journalism. She is currently pursuing an interior design certificate from the New York Institute of Art + Design. Ready to start designing the perfect work station for your home?

Home Office in a Closet

Typically, the space is also large enough to fit a large desk and comfortable charge to work on. Moreover, you won’t let this space go to waste, which tends to happen in many homes. If you have any coats that you don’t use, donate them and make the front foyer into a cloffice. This is one of those cloffice ideas that can benefit others as much as you.

  • Most closets have hidden pockets on each side, and we love how this IG-er made use of the extra space.
  • Low voltage closet LED lighting is available as under cabinet lighting.
  • There is no reason to keep your cloffice extremely professional or too clean in appearance.

She enjoys doing research and is committed to continually learning more about the latest home and garden trends.

Built-In Cloffice Industrial Desk

If this isn’t possible, consider running an extension cord into the closet from a nearby outlet, Patterson suggests. “It will often fit under the door and can be held in place with Command hooks,” she says. To add light without rewiring, attach battery-operated puck lights on the ceiling or the undersides of shelves above the desk.

For smaller items such as staplers, notebooks, and writing items, buy an inexpensive desktop organiser, stash all your stuff in it and place it to the side of your desk. If there’s already an outlet in the cloffice, mounting sconces to the wall or getting a regular table lamp are two of the many options. If there is a used office furniture store near you, you can find a great deal on a refurbished item and save a fortune. If you’re on a budget, keep an eye out on Facebook Marketplace, eBay, Gumtree (if you’re living in the UK) and Craiglist (if you’re based in the US).

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She loves decorating, creating and thrifting for home goods. Her projects have been featured in Apartment Therapy, Buzzfeed, Pioneer Woman, Hunker and more. Plus, it’s so nice to have a guest bedroom without a bulky desk taking up space.

  • After a couple of weeks, I could look at my space and admire the finished product.
  • Now, all I needed was my chair, rug, accents, and to add all my clothes and stuff.
  • Another advantage of working inside a walk-in closet is that many come with a window.
  • She is knowledgeable about many of the topics related to home living or just about any home related subject.
  • Multi-sized shelves, drawers, and open cabinets create efficient storage space with plenty of room to add personalized decorations.

“If you have the opportunity to create a closet office across from a window, take it!” Patterson says. “Most reach-in closets are about 2 feet deep, so a shallow desk can slide right in,” says professional organizer Kay Patterson. “Some fun wallpaper or cute desk decor will make the space more inviting.” By painting the wall in a dark slate gray color, the cloffice becomes the exact opposite of a boring workspace to be kept hidden away behind closed doors. It becomes the focal point of this room, and a beautiful one at that.

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